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       Сrew Management
We provide full crew management, including payroll and seafarer travel on attractive rates and flexible conditions for Ship Owners.
  Medical Examinations
Because of variety medical centers in Odessa, we able to arrange any kind of medical examinations on a short  notice.
Pre-Employment Evaluation

 We evaluate every          employee according to our    Partners special requirements  at our office or by phone  interview.

 We able to do it quite deep,  because of our strong  experience in the industry.

             Cadet Program


We will assist in growing process of your future Officers.

Odessa is the biggest Hub of Maritime Universities in Ukraine, that allows us to find and personally evaluate the young, highly-motivated persons on a short notice.



We will be your stable partner in all necessary aspects, develop and implement new ideas,improve quality and efficiency of crew management processes together.
Embarkation/Disembarkation Process
We can take care of  crew change formalities throws our partners worldwide.


Training & Certifications
It is the variety of maritime training centers in Ukraine,especially in Odessa, so it allows us to arrange marine and offshore courses in the quickest and cost-effictive way.
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